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The venue of Heritage 2010 will be in the Theatre Garcia de Resende and in the School of Santa Clara (old Monastery of Santa Clara).
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Abreu Travel Agency is a partner of Heritage 2010.
This partnership will provide assistance to delegates on booking accommodation and travelling.
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The Organising Committee of Heritage 2010 is promoting 2 workshops.
International experts and scholars were invited to proposed and coordinate the workshops that will have place on 23rd and 25th June afternoon (please refer to the conference program).

Workshops Programme

The Tourism  Destiny of  Cultural World  Heritage Sites: Focus on Management Issues
June 23

Organised by WHTRN (World Heritage Tourism  Research  Network)
Coordinated by
Myriam Jansen-Verbeke (University of Leuven - Belgium)
E. Wanda George (Mount Saint Vincent University - Halifax, Canada)

This workshop is an initiative to share views and experiences specifically related to current and emerging management issues at Cultural World Heritage (WH) sites and their immediate surroundings. In order to focus the workshop on common issues in a range of case studies and eventually discuss common approaches and management tools, a conceptual framework will be introduced, using a set of keywords.
The objective of the workshop is to open new perspectives on the actual and sometimes ambiguous role of tourism in the conservation of heritage sites and to discuss on methods for managing the balance between conservation policies and tourism strategies on WH sites.



Asian Foodways as Intangible Heritage: Rethinking Culinary Resource, Recipes and Restaurants
June 25

Organised and Coordinated by Sidney Cheung (Chinese University of Hong Kong - China)


Replaced by a thematic parallel session.












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