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The venue of Heritage 2010 will be in the Theatre Garcia de Resende and in the School of Santa Clara (old Monastery of Santa Clara).
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Abreu Travel Agency is a partner of Heritage 2010.
This partnership will provide assistance to delegates on booking accommodation and travelling.
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Travel and Accommodation

Green Lines Institute and Abreu Travel Agency established a partnership to assist delegates on booking accommodation and travelling.

All questions and assistance on travelling and booking accommodation should be addressed to Abreu Travel Agency team, which will provide personal assistance and help.

To book your accommodation using Abreu Travel Agency, for travelling help or optional programs, please link to:

Delegates with complete conference packs do not need to book transfers from Lisbon to Évora on Tuesday and return to Lisbon on Saturday evening.

Important notice: The conference was timed to coincide with local festivals of "São João" which will take place on the night of 23 to 24 June. Thus will be provided to delegates a unique opportunity to participate and enjoy the local culture alive. Because of this, the Organizing Committee recommends an early booking of accommodation.


Additional information on how arrive to Évora:

By train

Travelling by land is also an excellent option to arrive to Évora. Connections along the south and north of Portugal are made by the Portuguese National Railways. To arrive to Évora you may travel using the "Inter-Cidades" (Inter-City), that leaves Lisbon (Orient Railway Station) everyday by 8:10, 14:14 and 18:10. Ticket price ranges between 10 and 13 Euros.
For additional information please visit:

By bus

At least, every hour is available a bus connection to Évora at the central station of "Sete Rios" in Lisbon. Ticket price is around 12 Euros.For additional information please visit:






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