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Complete Social Programme updated.
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The venue of Heritage 2010 will be in the Theatre Garcia de Resende and in the School of Santa Clara (old Monastery of Santa Clara).
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Abreu Travel Agency is a partner of Heritage 2010.
This partnership will provide assistance to delegates on booking accommodation and travelling.
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Here you may find all the news about Heritage 2010, by date and title.
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International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development: CALL FOR REFEREES.
Green Lines Institute is publishing the International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development (IJHSD). Within such goal, Green Lines Institute, the Director of the Journal and the Editor-in-Chief are opening an international CALL FOR REFEREES in order to set the IJHSD's Editorial Board.

For applying to become a member of the Editorial Board, please visit the
IJHSD's website:

Further questions should be sent to the journal's Editor-in Chief:

Deadline extension for abstracts submission: December 31 2009.

More than 230 abstracts were submitted until end of November.

However several authors requested for a deadline extension for abstracts submission, and the Organising Committee extended the deadline for abstracts submission until 31st December 2009.

Despite this deadline extension, the notice of abstracts acceptance for those who submitted during the first period will be kept.


International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development (IJHSD) ISSN: 1647-4112.

Green Lines Institute is publishing a new journal on heritage and sustainable development during 2010. An official presentation is planned for the conference.

Sérgio Lira was designated as Editor-in-Chief.

Members of the Editorial Board:

- Myriam Jansen-Verbeke, University of Leuveen - Belgium
- Brian Osborne, Queen's University / Carleton University - Canada
- Susan Pearce, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

- Roy Jones, Curtin University - Australia
- Franscisco Queiroga, University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal
- Cláudia Ramos, University Fernando Pessoa - Portugal
- Pamela Sezgin, Gainesville State College - United States of America
- Andrew Hall, ICOMOS - South Africa

The editors will invite the authors of the 10 best papers to submit their papers for a special issue of the IJHSD.


Proceedings indexed by ISTP.

The conference proceedings will be submitted to be indexed by ISTP.

This process will start as soon as the published book becomes available, according to ISTP rules.

The City of Evora is patron of Heritage 2010.

On behalf of the City of Évora, Mayor José Ernesto Leão d' Oliveira declared Evoras's patronage of the International Conference Heritage 2010 - International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development.

The City of Évora will support and help the Organising Committee on the organisation of technical visits and part of the social programme.
















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