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The venue of Heritage 2010 will be in the Theatre Garcia de Resende and in the School of Santa Clara (old Monastery of Santa Clara).
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Abreu Travel Agency is a partner of Heritage 2010.
This partnership will provide assistance to delegates on booking accommodation and travelling.
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Heritage 2008 - World Heritage and Sustainable Development
(2 volumes)

Editors: Rogério Amoêda, Sérgio Lira, Cristina Pinheiro, Filipe Pinheiro & João Pinheiro
ISBN: 978-989-95671-0-8
Pages: 886
Edition: 2008
Language: English

Price: 80,00 Euros (plus shipping and handling)

Synopsis: Heritage 2008 compiles all the 105 papers presented at the international conference Heritage 2008 - World Heritage and Sustainable Development, that was held in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal.
The book is organised in 3 main chapters: Heritage and human development, Heritage and nature preservation, and Heritage and building preservation. The contribute of heritage, both material and immaterial, for sustainable development policies and strategies is here widely discussed in several dimensions and approaches, such as tourism, local identities, building recovery, preservation methods, and education.

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Cover SC2009

Sharing Cultures 2009
Editors: Sérgio Lira, Rogério Amoêda, Cristina Pinheiro, João Pinheiro & Fernando Oliveira
ISBN: 978-989-95671-1-5
Pages: 638
Edition: 2009
Language: English

Price: 60,00 Euros (plus shipping and handling)

Synopsis: Sharing Cultures 2009 compiles all the papers presented at the international event Sharing Cultures 2009 - International Conference on Intangible Heritage, that was held in Pico Island, Azores, Portugal. The book covers the following main subjects: Selecting, gathering and preserving intangible heritage; Intangible heritage practices; Intangible heritage: local and global; Intangible heritage and sustainable development; Intangbible heritage and cultural tourism; Intangible heritage and museums; Intangible heritage and education; Intangible heritage and living communities; and Intangible heritage
of tangible heritage.

Download contents. SC2009_Contents

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